GNU+Linux command memo

Fast Rust utilities

Liste de commandes ré-écrites en Rust, plus rapide que leurs équivalents Unix historiques

1. Commands

  • alacritty : self-calling fastest terminal emulator (relying on GPU acceleration)

  • amp modal command line editor (replacement for vi ?)

  • bandwhich : to find which program is currently using your bandwith, in the spirit of netstat and nethogs

  • bat : another implementation of cat that manage colors and paging long outups

  • Basic-HTTP-Server : replaces python -m http.server, can be installed via cargo install basic-http-server

  • broot : An interactive tree view, a fuzzy search, a balanced BFS descent and customizable commands.

  • exa : it’s an ls but better

  • fcat : a faster implementation of cat using splice (Linux and Android only) (explanations)

  • fclones & ddh : rapid alternative to jdupes or rdfind : to find duplicates on files (and get back the free space) (fclones were successfully tested)

  • ddh autre trouveur de fichiers en doubles :

  • fd : a simple, fast and user-friendly alternative to find

  • hexyl : a hex dump tool that uses colour to distinguish categories of bytes (alternative to xxd, which I will speak about)

  • huniq : do a sort | uniq but 5 to 10x faster (vim way evocated here)

  • hyperfine : a remplacement for time

  • kmon : to monitor and interact with the Linux kernel (its messages, its modules…)

  • meli console based email reader (alternative to mutt)

  • Nu shell : a shell with spreadsheet command output philosophy for easy scripting

  • pueue : alternative to tsp the task spooler, manage sequential and parallel executions

  • terminal-typeracer console-based typing training tool, to work on your typing speed

  • ripgrep : recursively searches directories for a regex pattern (like grep but 8x faster)

  • tiny IRC console client, an irssi challenger

  • viu console based image viewer as text (alternative to cacaview as mutt mailcap)

  • watchexec : alternative to entr which I didn’t spoke about yet. Allows to watch for files at a certain path and to run commands if they change.

2. Operating systems

  • Redox-OS : a Unix-like Operating System written in Rust, aiming to bring the innovations of Rust to a modern microkernel and full set of applications.