GNU+Linux command memo

List user-defined JavaScript variables

Lister les variables définies par une page web

javascript:document.body.appendChild(document.createElement('div')).innerHTML='<iframe id="temoin" style="display:none"></iframe>'; (1)

Object.keys(window).filter(a=>!(a in window.frames[window.frames.length-1])).sort().forEach((a,i)=>console.log(i,a,window[a])); (2)

document.body.removeChild(document.querySelector('#temoin').parentNode);undefined; (3)
1 Add a hidden iframe to the page.
2 Compare each variable of the webpage to the default variables of the iframe.
3 Remove the iframe to clean up things.

Like List web page links in Firefox, you can define a bookmark with this code to quickly call it on a page.