GNU+Linux command memo

Activate WebRender with Firefox >= 67

Accélérer le rendu des pages dans Firefox grâce à la carte graphique.

You need a recent GPU and Mesa version 18.2.8 [1] [2] :

  • open about:config tab and promess to be careful

  • search for gfx.webrender.all and set it to true (create it if necessary)

  • restart Firefox (and check the result in about:support)

On my setting, with an up-to-date Firefox Nightly 69a I experienced a +50% on MotionMark benchmark (from mark 20 to 31, with ±75% of mark variability).

Chromium 73 [3] had 30 ±17%.

Tor Browser 60.7 did not run the test.

1. You can check it via : glxinfo | grep Mesa
3. Version 73.0.3683.75 (Developer Build) built on Debian 9.8, running on Debian 9.9 (64-bit)