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Search from Firefox address bar with bookmark's keywords

Utiliser la barre d’adresse de Firefox pour lancer des recherches sur les sites web proposant un moteur de recherche (avec requêtes en GET).

Visit a website and use it’s search functionality (ex:

  • Create a bookmark on the result page [1]

  • Show all bookmarks [2], find your newly created bookmark and select it [3]

  • Replace your query text (ex: test_query) by %s in the bookmark URL [4]

  • Click to show More [5] fields and choose a word in the Keyword field (ex: osm) [6]

Now you can type your searches in the address bar like this :

osm Paris Enter

It works also with :

1. You can either : type CTRL+D or click on the star icon on the right of the address bar or use the contextual menu’s one
2. Either : type CTRL+Shift+O or type Alt and then click on the appeared Bookmark menu
3. It will show edit fields on the bottom right quarter of the window
4. This special %s token will then be replaced on the fly by your next queries
5. The "e" is underlined in the Firefox interface, and means that you can type "e" with your keyboard to activate this element
6. It’s immediately saved, there is no "Validate" button…