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The rise of OCaml

Rails on OCaml (2019-03-19) : « ML-based functional programming may be "the next big thing" in programming languages. »

OCaml inherits from the long line of Meta-Languages (1970) object-functional and statically typed. It can be interpreted, bytecoded or natively compiled, with official french academic (INRIA) tools, packaged in Debian format.

ReasonML ? It’s an interesting trade-off between reliability and ease of adoption. It looks like JavaScript, but it is OCaml, with its type safety, fast running compiler and 10x faster than Python potentiality (and a bit faster than Haskel). Here are 99 famous problems solved in Reason, a collection of interesting concrete examples.

ReasonML / OCaml can be converted to real JavaScript (via js_of_ocaml) and sometimes it’s twice as fast (2019-05-27 Firefox Nightly 69 : JavaScript 11.70 op/sec, OCaml 28.14 op/sec ; Chrome 73 15.35 / 32.40). Or it can be converted into readable JavaScript via BuckleScript.

js_of_ocaml is used by Ocsigen, a multi-tier programming platform for Web and mobile apps (Android, iOS). Server & client in one piece of code. Powerful type-checking with OCaml / Reason.

Some ressources to learn OCaml :