GNU+Linux command memo

tldr, simplified manual pages

Pages de man simplifiées.

1. Installation

$ sudo apt install tldr-py (1)
$ git clone ~/.tldr (2)
$ tldr-py init (3)
$ vi .tldrrc +%s+/home/$user+/home/$user/.tldr+ +wq
$ tldr-py reindex (4)
1 The official tldr client is in Haskel, but is currently (2019-01) in unstable, and it requires a modern libc6, so I installed the available Python client instead.
2 You need to clone the tldr repository to get the pages base. 11Mo currently. Available in it, pt, ta, zh
3 Here I had to lie about the repository path, and fix it with the following command.
4 To finish you need to build an index of the available pages.

2. Usage

$ tldr-py find ssh

  Secure Shell is a protocol used to securely log onto remote systems.
  It can be used for logging or executing commands on a remote server.

- Connect to a remote server:

  ssh {{username}}@{{remote_host}}

- Connect to a remote server with a specific identity (private key):

  ssh -i {{path/to/key_file}} {{username}}@{{remote_host}}


3. Bonus

You can define an alias to get tldr defaulting to its find sub-command.

$ echo "alias tldr='tldr-py find'" >> .zshrc
$ source .zshrc
$ tldr ssh