GNU+Linux command memo

Unix init, or not

Liste de distributions GNU+Linux ayant annoncé qu’elles n’utiliseraient pas systemd pour démarrer.

Recommanded GNU+Linux distributions for Linux User Groups (user-centered, low system requirements) :

  • Artix Linux : Arch based, Manjaro fork without systemd (choices : OpenRC, RUnit, S6) ; rolling-release ; full disk encryption ; lightweight (XFCE) ; graphical install (amd64) (post-install configuration by Gebull)

  • Calculate Linux : pre-compiled Gentoo (so OpenRC), rolling-release (with testing or stable channels) ; lightweight (XFCE) ; graphical install ; specific desktop flavour "that helps users understand the system" (amd64)

  • MX Linux : GNU+Linux Debian based distribution, convergence of AntiX and Mepis communities (i686, amd64)

List of GNU+Linux distributions having issued a public statement about avoiding systemd as init system (link on statement) :

  • Devuan : GNU+Linux Debian based distribution (i386, amd64, arm*)

  • Alpine Linux : Minimal Busybox+Linux distribution for routers (i386, amd64, aarch64, ppc64, s390x, armhf). XFCE is packaged, LUKS + LVM supported.

  • Void Linux : Original distribution, rolling-release, own runit init system (added 2020-06-16)

  • Obarun : Arch Linux based system, without systemd ; rolling-release (added 2020-06-16) (text-only install)

Other list maintained by Devuan : (containing 11 elements on 2019-10-11, including : Dragora, Gentoo, PCLinuxOS, Slackware…).

[Edit 2019-11-12] Debian reconsiders init-system diversity :