GNU+Linux command memo

Clean up gpg keyring after SKS debacle

Supprimer les clé PGP comportant trop de signatures et faisant planter GPG.

$ gpg --list-sigs > out.txt (1)
$ vi out.txt (2)
$ gpg --delete-keys $key_id_1 $key_id_2(3)
$ gpg --keyserver --recv-key $key_id (4)
1 to list all the keys present in your keying with their associate signatures ; this can be long
2 find the keys that have an abnormally large number of signatures, like several thousands
3 manually delete the problamtic keys
4 download the keys again, from a less terrible keyserver that doesn’t blindly accept spam as legitimate content
Information from Cleaning up your gpg keyring after the SKS debacle, with many thanks.