GNU+Linux command memo

Fonts for console

It exists fonts dedicated to terminals like :

  • Hack

  • Fantasque sans mono

  • Inconsolata

  • Fira mono

The fonts of the above list are all packaged for the main GNU+Linux distributions (in Debian you’ll find them with a name prefixed by fonts-).

Those fonts are with a fixed width for all letters (monospaced). This allows to anticipate how things are displayed in a terminal, which can be sees as a grid of letters.

I started this blog with Inconsolata font for the monospaced command blocks, then switched to fonts-fantasque-sans (and might switch to Hack Nerd one day).

A good console font should allow to easily distinguish :

 1IilL (1)
 0Oo (2)
 ij (3)
 5Ss (4)
 7tT (5)
 8B (6)
 9g (7)
 ''"` (8)
 :; (9)
1 one, cap-India, small-India, small-Lima, cap-Lima
2 zero, cap-Ohio, small-Ohio
3 small-India, small-Juliette
4 five, cap-Sierra, small-Sierra
5 seven, small-Tango, cap-Tango
6 eight, cap-Bravo
7 nine, small-Golf
8 two apostrophe / single quotes, one double quotes, one backtick
9 colon, semi-colon

50 of them are easy to try via :

Where I spotted Hack, Monofoki or Quinze (a narrow one).