GNU+Linux command memo

inxi to check battery lifetime and much more

Condensé d’information sur le system, y compris l’usure de la batterie d’un ordinateur portable.

1. inxi commands

$ inxi (1)
$ inxi --basic (2)
$ inxi --battery (3)
# inxi -xxAv6 (4)
1 Concise 2 lines default
2 Basic set of information
3 Only the battery line
4 As root, all known info

inxi can generally be installed from the eponymous package.

2. Outstanding results

2.1. Battery condition

Battery:   ID-1: BAT0 charge: 30.1 Wh condition: 30.8/45.0 Wh (68%)

Here the battery reached 68% percents of its nominal capacity the last time it got fully recharged.

2.2. Creation date of the machine

 […] date: 09/11/2015