GNU+Linux command memo

irssi : redirect joins quits parts to a dedicated window

Rediriger les annonces d’arrivées et de départs des salons IRC dans irssi.

Not compatible with irssi-xmpp
Not compatible with private queries… :-/
/foreach window /window level ALL -JOINS -PARTS -QUITS (1)
/set window_default_hidelevel ALL -JOINS -PARTS -QUITS (2)
/window new HIDDEN (3)
/window name groom (4)
/window level -ALL JOINS PARTS QUITS (5)
/set window_check_level_first ON (6)
/save (7)
1 Hide those messages in all current windows
2 Hide those messages for future windows
3 Create a new HIDDEN window
4 Name it "groom"
5 Accept joins, parts and quits in this groom window
6 Tell irssi to look for each individual window level setting
7 Save your changes, overwriting your current config file