GNU+Linux command memo

iwd : inet wireless daemon

Remplacer wpa_supplicant par iwd pour gagner en temps de connexion au WiFi.

Using iwd in Debian stable 10.x is saving noticiable secondes when establishing the connection. To be true, before (with the wpa_supplicant backend of NetworkManager) I was waiting for WiFi connections to establish while starting my laptop or getting back from hibernation, now it connects faster than I can check it.

I don’t get better transfert rates. Even with Debian testing versions of iwd and NetworkManager.

# apt install iwd
# nano /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf

Add the following lines at the end :

# systemctl mask --now wpa_supplicant
# systemctl restart NetworkManager
Don’t mess your iwd and NetworkManager versions, get it right reading here :

To get back to wpa_supplicant :

# nano /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf

Comment the following lines as shown here :

# [device]
# wifi.backend=iwd
# systemctl unmask wpa_supplicant
# systemctl start wpa_supplicant
# systemctl restart NetworkManager
# apt remove iwd